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When did you last regret a decision you made? Can you envision where you would be today if you had made that decision differently? Imagine what you could achieve in your life, in your business and even in the world if you could always think, decide and act with true wisdom. The good news is, you can. With the right tools and techniques you can learn how to make decisions that have the most positive impact on all concerned.

Monday, 2 March 2009

Intentional Wisdom

The questions you first need to answer for yourself in order to demonstrate wisdom are:
* Who is the person in your life who provided you with the best moral, ethical, or values guidance?
* In your personal experience, who best represents someone who both has and abides by a moral- or values-based position in life?
* Who is the most immoral person you personally know or have known? How did you discover their lack of morality? What did you learn from him or her?
* What three books, plays, movies, or other sources of learning have most instructed you in moral reasoning or moral conflict? How and why did they influence you?
* In you training as a leader, what enables you to best identify and manage ethical values and moral issues?
* Identify three of the most important issues or moral principals that you believe a leader should keep in mind?

Developing wisdom demands intentionality. It’s a tough job overcoming self-importance and judgment. All too easy to believe I’m right and everyone else should just shut up and take notice! Even more difficult is the fact that what might be viewed as a wise choice at one point in time might turn out to be folly years later, and vice versa!

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