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Friday, 10 January 2014

Are You Flourishing or Languishing?

It's customary to review your life at the beginning of a New Year. What have you done, and what do you want to accomplish? If all you can think of is "I'm glad that's over and I wish I could win the Lottery" then you are probably languishing. Which means you are narrowing your focus, worrying about what isn't working in your life, and feeling as if all the air has gone out of your tyres!

Positive psychology has a lot to say about the state of languishing. It's not a happy or very resourceful place to be. The opposite of languishing is flourishing. This is the state of positive human functioning which is surprisingly most evident when things aren't going so well. Flourishing is made up of qualities of being such as resilience, optimism, meaning-making, character strengths and virtues, creativity, personal goals, well-being, and wisdom.

It turns out that flourishing can be learned. And you can start the New Year by finding out how to apply the skills and techniques of positive psychology to turn your life around.

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