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Friday, 29 January 2010

How Dare You!

Whenever I feel frustrated, impatient or angry I realize I am defending a proposition. The proposition that "I am" is significant, "How dare you!" "Can't you understand!" "Don't you know who I am!"
When I cool down and step back from the situation, the person, or my own inner dialogue I notice that I've been caught up in the delusion of protecting something that doesn't exist - "I". My "I" is only a figment of the narrative running through my head. And I see that what I'm actually protecting is the idea that my narrative is somehow more significant or important than your narrative. Yet I can choose to be of service to you through practicing compassion, detachment, patience, and above all, wisdom!

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Loretta Brown said...

Hi Peter
Thank you for writing and thinking about the common good"! It is the only answer to the vital "leadership for what" question.

Todays post is cool - being mindful of defending our own point of view - yes, hard won wisdom!