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Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Seeing Clearly!

At the start of a new year and a new decade here are 7 aspects of life I see more clearly now:
(1) We are all connected to more people who hold us in positive regard than we realize.
(2) Correspondingly, we influence more lives than we think.
(3) Yet, there is a tendency to imagine that others are just as vitally engaged in my story as I am. They're not. This is one of the great self-delusions.
(4) Everything is as it should be. Life moves on with or without me.
(5) My story is only a fabrication of my dreams, my desires, my actions and reactions.
(6) Others place their own interpretations on my life. I have no influence on that. But I can be the author of my own epic, even to the final chapter.
(7) The fear of death is only frightening when viewed from the imagined perspective of others. What will they say about me? Will they remember me? What will I have amounted to?

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