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Monday, 3 May 2010

Phases of the Moon

How is it that some days I can accomplish so much and others just turn to mush! Does it have anything to do with the phases of the moon? The human body is mostly water so it stands to reason that we are pulled by the same tides. And the brain is sensitive to changes in hydration. So perhaps if I'm dehydrated at high tide and when the moon is full I might not be as "switched on" mentally!


access said...

Let's not forget full moon madness too Peter!

I think the word mood comes from the word moon, so you may be on to something. Women may also be more in tune with this than men, therefore stereotyped as more moody, or moony.

Keep up the interesting blogs and great work Peter!

All the best,


Peter Webb said...

Thanks Julie,

Makes you wonder what it would be like if we had 2 or more moons, like Pandora, the planet featured on the movie Avatar!