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When did you last regret a decision you made? Can you envision where you would be today if you had made that decision differently? Imagine what you could achieve in your life, in your business and even in the world if you could always think, decide and act with true wisdom. The good news is, you can. With the right tools and techniques you can learn how to make decisions that have the most positive impact on all concerned.

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Star Trek

"It's a recession Jim, but not as we know it!' This low demand environment is not from another galaxy. It's probably the "new normal". So where to from here? I've been reflecting on intention lately. Everything starts with an intention and nothing can proceed without it. But intention carries both a force and a direction - it's a vector. For any decision we carry competing intentional vectors. The resultant vector dictates what actually happens rather than what we wish to happen. The key is to get very clear about your intentions, both positive and negative, so you can better align with what you choose. This will increase the probability of seeing the means to achieve that choice.

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